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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  October 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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the deployment brings the number of u.s. personnel to more than 52 hundred. this is a developing story. we'll bring you new updates as we learn more about this fight. >> . thanks for joining us. the race for the white house once again coming to colorado. as right now senator sanders and senator warren are no town.
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>> . ashly mike michaels joins us live with a preview of the event. >> the the doors to tonight's event are just opening up. right now. now the event is going to be taking place in the student union on the campus. just in a little while. behind me. but you can't really see anything from here. so i want to show you some video we shot about 30 minutes ago. take a look. this is probably close to a thousand people lined up. a lot of them here to say sanders they were sanders supporters and now joining in on the clinton camp. sanders said that's his goal. to get progressive voters to stick with the democratic platform. and not jump ship to a third party. or vote republican. now he'll be joined on stage by another progressive politician. senator warren. this will be the first time the two will campaign together. for clinton. again it's an attempt to grab progressive undecided voters. and denver's a good place to do that.
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in an important swing state. >> everything will kick off in about an hour. >> . love land. and pueblo. and tomorrow donald trump jr. will be in colorado. to meet with voters. he'll be in centennial. around eleven and boulder in the afternoon at 4:po 30. clinton is leading trump in two national polls. >> meanwhile trump is dealing with more allegations of sexual assault. from another woman. who is now stepped forward this weekend. >> . with the final debate days away. two new polls released this weekend have clinton leading trump nationally.
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the news and wall street skwrourpb poll has clinton with an eleven point lead. in a 4 way race. >> . the news and washington post poll has clinton's lead w-b the margin offer ere ro*r. by 4 mar jib within 4 points. >> . >> frankly people see an overwhelming bias. in the national media. >> . the media has been target of trump. claiming its rigged and pushing false allegations. this as another woman 63 year-old kathy heller. stepped forward saturday. to accuse -td businessman of unwanted sexual advances. according to to the guardian newspaper. the trump campaign has hasdeniee claims. heller saez trump kissed her without consent. at his eus at a time in florida. 20 years ago. >> . tim cane believes the reason why so many women are coming forward now is because of trumps
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tape during the second debate. >> . we are hur so hear more about when trump and clinton face off for the final presidential debate. you can watch it right here. happening this wednesday night. o'clock. >> . tomorrow ballots will be mailed out to all repbl stered voters. this election 24 hour ballot boxes will be open in some counties. you can vote in person. on november 8. haven't registered yet don't worry you have time. in colorado there's no deadline. you can register up until election day. >> we get closer to election day. be sure to check out our colorado voter guide. on and the fox 31 news app.
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you need on voter registration. the process. deadlines. sample ballots. and a guide to ballot proposition. >> . >> happening right now. strong winds in near record temperature -ts. fueling this wild fire. about 15 miles per hour north 123467915 15 miles north of aspen. now burned 3 hundred acres of forest. a campfire was evacit waited and several homes remain on notice.
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3 helicopters and about 80 firefighters are battling the blaze. the fire is currently burning to the north away from any towns. >> in the last hour we learned about another fire. that flared up nigh buyers. east of denver. that fire is now contained. although they're checking for hot spots. >> . meteorologist joins us now. it feels like summer. no surprise. we're seeing wild fires. stkpwhr-t wind is not helping out at all. that's the biggest contributor to the fire danger here the mountains. we have that wild fire. just around aspen. any where between 20 and 30 miles per hour. generally. it's breezy. across the eastern plains. the higher winds across the front range and the palmer divide. areas north of denver. closer to fort collins. it's only tkpwoeubg going to get worse. before it gets better. winds will increase especially in the high country. with wind advisories. out for the western slope. and parts of the mown taeubs. winds gusts up to 50 miles per hour.
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areas around there above the timber line. high wind warnings are in effect. wind gusts could get as high as 80 miles per hour. tomorrow winds will gust around the city. maybe not quite to be. still one or two locations could see winds gusts up to 50 miles per hour. >> it is going to be quite the concern tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk much more about the winds and fire danger. into monday. plus the wa*rpl that will return into the day tomorrow. what goes up must come down. and a big cool down is on the way. we'll talk about the drop in the temperature coming up. >> . speaking of winds. strong winds and heavy rain hit the pacific tpho*frt northwest. this storm was not as strong as it was predicted to be. the remnants of typhoon made lands fall last night. that storm did a lot of damage. the winds knocked down trees and power lines.
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in oregon and washington. look at the mess the storm left behind in vancouver. >> firefighters came out and told him they didn't think he should be out on the water: he said he had 30 years experience and -lt waves were perfect. the waves may have been perfect. he needed help to get back on dry land. just look at the waves just slamming into the shore. eventually two people came by. they helped him get out of the water. i would say no thanks. >> he was lucky. >> . oregon wasn't spared the national weather service says winds reached 80 miles per hour. and 45 in the portland area.
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the roads covered with debris from broken power polls. lines covering the road. broken tree tkrafrpblgs. >> oregon got hit twice in the last few days. national weather service says two tornadoes hit the oregon coast friday morning. the mayor declared a state of emergency. in order to deal with the clean up. town leaders say 128 buildings were damaged there. american red cross is helps residents. >> starting tomorrow. if you live in pwould boulder yomi drinking water. crews water treatment facility will increase production to a accommodate work at the facility. the city stez you might notice a change in the taste. or smell. of the water. because of the water chemistry. between the two plants. they don't expect any water service interruption. >> . also tomorrow a road closure that might impact how you get to estes park. a stretch of u.s.34. will be off limits to drivers.
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crews will work on the road that were damaged by -lt 2013 floods. only residents who is have a permit are going to be allowed to access the highway. other routes include devils gulch road from the north. u.s. 36 from the east. or you can take the peek to peek scenic highway from the south. >> different. usually it's the mar marathon. it was shortened to a half marathon. it started at civic center park. there was also a ten k race. the rock and roll marathon series started in 98. 18 years ago. we have pictures of the winners here they are.
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we're talking about the hawaii chocolate festival. coming up. why it's not just about sampling
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from a rancher's perspective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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in fact we challenged record numbers kwepb again here today. right on queue. winds cranked u especially during the afternoon. starting to spread into the front range and eastern plains. we approach the evening hours. and it's caused fire concern. already wild fire that's been really blazing out there in parts of aspen. north of aspen. the freeman fire out there. and just to the east of denver. which has been contained. wind gusts now look at this. up to ten, 15, 20 miles per hour. in spots. we have gusts in that is are as high as 30 miles per hour. already. and it's only going to get pwraoeuzier. from here. breezier from here. these winds are expected to ratchet up a bit. mountains we're talking about 50 maybe by tomorrow morning. 60 miles per hour winds. in some locations. not going to get too bad until the afternoon. around the met owe area. going to take to the late morning early afternoon. before the winds gauges pick up the gusts. any where tomorrow between 20,
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30 miles per hour. we could even see gusts in one or two spots across the plains. at 40 to 50 miles per hour. you take those type of winds. and combine it. with very dry air. that's now locked into place. and expected to be there again tomorrow. and you're talking about a combination that will give us high fire weather danger. again tomorrow. afternoon. and as you can see relative humidity. in the teens. low 20s. right now. it may jump up a bit. over night tonight. it's going to drop right back down. for the bulk of the day tomorrow. live loo beautiful sunset under way. we look to the east now. from the mile high cam. the city looks beautiful out there. on a gorgeous sunday evening. comfortable one. very mild one at that. 78 degrees. outside right now. downtown 76. at di, a. to put this into perspective. already 6:16. our average high for this time of the year. is 66. so we're still ten to 12 better than that. 65. that's just updated here.
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3 shy of the record of 89. and 85 yesterday. 86 today. we have a slight cool down. headed our way. as we get into the day tomorrow. >> meanwhile it's sunshine all day long. across the city. all the way through sunset tomorrow evening. as highs yes will drop a few degrees. tomorrow. but still well above average. for mid october. 78 degrees tomorrow afternoon. downtown. 72 in fort fort collins. 70s 808s across the plains. 50s and 60s in the phaoeu country. near 80 downtown. with 79 in the forecast. around the city. so 50 over night tonight. partly cloudy skies.
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tomorrow sunshine. highs back to the upper 70s. windy a high fire weather danger. two cold fronts from there begin to pop through. and when they do, big changes arise. first one to cut by monday night. second one will come through tuesday night. and take a look at the 7-day forecast. as a result. we'll go from the upper 70s tomorrow. down into the 60s. by tuesday. wednesday down into the 50s. first front on monday evening i think comes through dry. the second front could stir up the chance showers. 30 percent shot. >> . that's october for you.
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dreaming up their birthday wish list. >> one young lady has a different idea of what she wants. she's handing out care packages to police officers. for her birthday. instead of getting birthday cake and presents show is saving up on beef skwrer jerky. writing thank you notes and gift cards. to give to nearly a thousand officers in omaha. the gift bags will go out on her birthday in january.
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very proud of her if you're her parents. >> . if you are not hungry you are going to be. this next story is for all you chocolate lovers. >> hundreds showed up for a chocolate festival in hawaii. it gets better. other than us being there. two dozen exhibitors there. folks bought chocolate. sample it. sip it and saver it. and learn more about how it's made. >> . each year organizers partner with farmers. local businesses and educators. and the government. for this big >> the only state in the u.s. to grow cocoa. the festival in mission is incre global interest in the chocolate industry. if you needed another reason to visit hawaii.
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>> we're now taking what we keep calling waste. and turning it. into a high value material. >> . turning something you finds in your cell phone and laptop. >> you don't think of beer as powering anything more than your courage. thanks to so much cu engineer that's about to change. >> they created a new energy source that's cheaper and much more friendly. to mother earth. >> we have always known the value of beer. refreshing. social. and takes the edge off. >> this could be game changing. >> who would have thought enjoying a tall cool one. could change the face of the battery industry. >> .
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unsustainable material in. battery right now. namely that being graphite. mined enter somewhere the in grounds. most likely china. >> these researchers will replace it with this black disk they made in the lab. >> we found one of the best sources is brewery waste water. >> . we have nutrients. and energy. that can be extracted. >> they add this. >> >> growing into a big mass. they dry out and bake. >> out pops just carbon. and that goes into the battery.
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also a part of the solution. with each swig. >> . 7 gallons of water. is used. per one gallon of beer produced. and so more than doing their part. >> . so if your wife every khraeupbs complains about you. it pains me to drink this. but it's for science. >> . if you're looking for seasonal work. amazon is looking t thousand jobs right now. 120 thousand jobs. mainly at the fulfillment center and customer service site. last year more than 14 thousand seasonal workers were promoted to full-time. after the holiday. if you'd like to apply. we have a link posted at
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mcdonalds already tried this dun urn. it was so popular. the bottles sold out within minutes. >> . decision is the expected to take about 3 months. too late for christmas. >> . it's not that hard to make really. we were talking about yesterday. thousand island kefp up and french dressing. not much to it.
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rises from the ashes. had them lined out the door today. after a devastating fire. last may. >> . the popular restaurant fell victim to an arsonist. who killed a man living upstairs -fpls. >>. >> . facing a very uncertain future. when the owner decided to rebuild at the same location.


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